Become an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent

investor friendly real estate agent

Real estates agents that make it to the top are classified as investor-friendly. If you want to become successful as a real estate agent, you must manage to become a part of this elite group.

One thing that you must understand is that it requires experience, expertise and a strong inclination in real estate to become an investor-friendly realtor. For starters, you must first establish your credibility, professionalism, knowledge, investment and good connections. In this way, you can gradually work your way to the top.

What is Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent?

Investor-friendly real estate agents personally invest where they sell, lease or conduct property management services. These are professional realtors with additional licenses and certifications that go beyond a typical real estate license. 

In addition to that, investor-friendly real estate agents are the ones who can actually help investors find investment properties that match their business model and goals.

Real estate agent with real estate investor. Important: attention to details.

This means that they have a thorough knowledge of the market including micro-markets (or those from specific areas which are within a larger market). Moreover, investor-friendly agents are also aware of the areas with properties that will serve a particular business best. They don’t just deal with selling houses.

They also help in ensuring that their clients’ investments are placed exactly where they should be. 

Qualities of Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agents

  • Knows how to make calculations

An investor-friendly real estate agent knows how to handle the numbers in relation to evaluating properties and their investment potential. They know exactly what a cap rate is and how to make the calculations.

This means that they can determine the potential return of investment. They are aware that the purpose of buying an investment property is to realize an appreciable return on the amount that is invested. 

  • Knows how to generate leads

One of the strongest qualities of an investor-friendly agent is the ability to handle the critical component of lead generation. Without a good number of quality leads, market knowledge and expertise can end up being futile.

Therefore, lead generation is the strongest foundation of any real estate business and finding an investment property is the most important aspect of any deal.

If you’re not able to create strategies that can generate leads, you may fall behind the competition. And this is what every investor-friendly agent tries to avoid at all costs. 

f you’re not able to create strategies that can generate leads, you may fall behind the competition. And this is what every investor-friendly agent tries to avoid at all costs. 

  • Successfully completed numerous investor transactions

Investor-friendly agents are skilled and highly-experienced. They have the ability to complete investor transactions successfully and they can handle multiple business transactions. A top-notch investor-friendly agent may have closed a lot of deals over a period of 12 months.

Real estate agents introducing investments to their client

And what is the reason for dealing with investors? It’s because investors are usually the types of clients that have money to spend on property investments. For this reason, they can make each deal and each transaction possible for every agent. 

  • Personally Invests on Properties

This may seem like a conflict of interest but most investor-friendly real estate agents are also property investors or property managers themselves. For some, this is how they learn the ins and outs of the business. It also enables them to develop a sharp eye and keen sense for a property when they see one.